perpetual inventory

Recordkeeping system in which book inventory is updated daily. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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perpetual inventory perpetual inventory inventory

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perpetual inventory UK US noun [C or U]

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • Perpetual inventory — In business and accounting/accountancy, perpetual inventory or continuous inventory describe systems of inventory is which the inventory as recorded or displayed in the firm or organization s information system is updated on a continuous basis… …   Wikipedia

  • perpetual inventory — PI A system of inventory control that regularly updates inventory quantities. A PI system may be *real time, or there may be a slight delay between inventory movements and the updating of inventory balances. Auditors often place reliance on PI… …   Auditor's dictionary

  • Perpetual Inventory — An accounting method of maintaining up to date property records that accurately reflect the level of goods on hand. The current balance of inventory is sustained daily by the addition of inventory to the account when goods are received and the… …   Investment dictionary

  • perpetual inventory — noun : a book record of inventory kept continuously up to date by detailed entries for all incoming and outgoing items compare book inventory …   Useful english dictionary

  • perpetual inventory — Fin the daily tracking of inventory …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • Perpetual inventory — Система инвентаризации, при которой постоянно обновляются детальные сведения о всех товарах …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • perpetual inventory — The process of keeping records in a stock ledger or on a bin card in which the balance of the quantity in stock is entered after each receipt or issue of stock. In some systems the value of the stock balance is also entered after each transaction …   Accounting dictionary

  • perpetual inventory — A method of continuous stock control in which an account is kept for each item of stock; one side of the account records the deliveries of that type of stock and the other side records the issues from the stock. Thus, the balance of the account… …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • perpetual inventory — /pəˌpetʃuəl ɪnvənt(ə)ri/ noun a stock recording and valuation system where each item of stock purchased is added to the total and each item sold is deducted, so that the stock figures are always correct and up to date …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • Непрерывная инвентаризация (PERPETUAL INVENTORY, CONTINUOUS INVENTORY METHOD)  — Система регистрации каждой операции, связанной с движением запасов; это позволяет получать информацию о наличных запасах в любой момент. При использовании непрерывной инвентаризации стоимость реализации определяется как сумма всех расходов… …   Словарь терминов по управленческому учету

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